Model Sarah Francios in Yellow Grace, 2 piece ensemble, halter with detachable reversible hood and harem pant both accented with black leather.

Grace Jones is a fierce creature with long limbs and ebony skin. How could I channel her through my designs while still holding true to the ReVisoin Concept. Let me explain the complexity of the task at hand and you can let me know if I did a good job.

Every art opening has a theme of some sort and the premise for this art opening was ReVision: How do we (artist, fashion designs and the like) change the way others view the world through our art. I chose to focus on African Textiles, which have become hugely popular in the last year and a half.  We traditionally see African textiles used in traditional African silhouettes but it was not till recently that we are seeing the broad applications of these beautiful textiles in other more body conscious silhouettes.

My goal was to make a woman who would quickly dismiss the traditional look fall in love with the contemporary use of these amazing fabrics.  Are you still with me? Now add to that my muse the Iconic Grace Jones. How do I infuse a little Jones in every design? How do I make it daring, make it sexy, and make it irresistible, all the while making them wearable and functional?  How indeed?  Take a look and let me know, did I succeed?

Left to right: Chanda Young, Adoch, Melissa Turton, Nzingah, Sarah Francios, Rodna Deiujuste, and Designer Asanyah Davidson (bottom)

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Photographer: Tabatha Mudra

Jewelry: Nzingah

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