There are different categories of neon colors, so don’t go thinking glow in the dark green is the only way to be on trend. There is a neon color for every brown girl.

Boho Chic: Neon in print. Try Aztec and African prints to get your neon fix. Don’t go too crazy though. Calm down the patterns by pairing them with a neutral top or bottom if you feel like you’re wearing too much color. You can still keep things funky and fun with bright accessories.

Athletic: Stop traffic with your neon hoody or your Stella MaCartney (love her!) Jeera Bellerina Shoes. Neutralize with shades of “Sweatshirt” grey and black (never been a fan of white for working out or getting sweaty). Don’t do head to toe neon but definitely make a few essentials bright. Even classic sneakers have got a touch of neon these days.

Fashionista: Color blocking and mixing prints. Bright colors shouldn’t rule you but compliment you. Mixing your prints isn’t a fashion no-no, it’s a fashion Yes-Yes!! If you want a chic look mix a nude with one neon item.

Last but not least, my new favorite way to do neon, the modified French manicure. Try a nude base, opaque or sheer with a neon tip. I went with a hot pink but a bright teal or neon yellow works just as well.
Brown skin loves color…try a little or a lot but don’t let neon pass you by without giving it a try…ha..I rhymed!!

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