Each year, as Father’s Day approaches, I focus on the man who taught me to love myself — my father.  One year, I even went as far as to write a poem as a tribute to him.  The words that I needed to express to him couldn’t come out of my mouth and so I went for a piece of paper and a pen and it all poured out.  I always wondered who I would have become if he wasn’t such an active part of my life.  My love for music, would it be so intense?  My love for Africa, would it be so passionate?  My love for myself, would it be my source?  My love for Rastafari, would it be my guide?  My love for family, would it resonate in my work?  I can’t find it in myself to even fathom my childhood without his influence.  Here’s the poem…I do hope you enjoy.  It’s a window to my heart and a reflection of my soul.

Thank you daddy!!!!


A Father’s Love


I have so much to say I just don’t know where to start

It feels as if my tongue can’t find the exact pace to express what’s on my heart

I sit back and think of what you’ve given to me

And say, “Damn, if it weren’t for you, how would I be free?”


You taught me to love myself at such an early age

That right now with what’s going on in the world, I’m at just the right stage

I wouldn’t know the truth about Afrika and Love

I don’t even think that I’d know what’s going on above

You taught me about the constellations and about Orion’s belt

You even taught me that Pyramids were created by Angels who felt


You made me know the truth about who I am

So that on this day, I’d be able to stand

You taught me that everything in this world was created by the Black Man

From traffic lights, to engines and even the Pentagon


This love I received was just so perfect at times I thought you were God

Until that day you told me, “Keachia, try hard.  Look deep within yourself and find love,

Know that the Majesty King lives on and on forever, deep, deep within.”

You showed me this divine picture of a little man sitting on a throne

And told me “never hesitate in knowing that Ethiopia is home.”

Now that I am a woman, exactly 28

There is no moment, no time, not even a date


I want to tell you now; I want to shout it out loud,

“Dad, I love you and I truly feel proud.”

I’m proud to have you as a father, I’m proud to have you as a friend

And most of all I’m proud to say that this love never ends!

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